Have you ever felt resentment towards someone or a situation and held on to it?

I’d like to share with you the importance of acknowledging it and then letting go. When you let go, the person who benefits the most is you. You must keep working on yourself.

“Harvest the good; there is good in everything,” advises Michael Beckwith, founder and leader of the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.
“When anything happens in life, there’s a three-step approach to handling it,” explains Dr. Beckwith, The three steps are:
1. It is what it is, accept it.
2. Harvest the good; there is good in everything.
3. Forgive all the rest.
Importantly, when anything happens in life – and particularly if it’s very challenging – it’s a chance to go deeper into yourself, and to examine and change your perception. Every situation, no matter how challenging, has good in it if you decide to look at it that way.
This week, I invite you to harvest the good in a situation or with a person where you’ve been feeling some resentment. And then let it go.
Expect the very best this week!
Very best,
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