This is a wonderful day.  I have never seen this one before.  -Maya Angelou

Every day when you awaken, remind yourself that a brand new day lies ahead of you.  As Maya Angelou writes, you have “never seen this one before.”  Approach today with a sense of awe and choose to make it a “wonderful day.”  You will never get this day again.  Maya Angelou was a poet, author, dancer, singer, activist, screenwriter and professor.  Her capacity to see wonder in each day is especially meaningful because she overcame hardship and adversity early in life.

What attitude will you project today?  How will you spend your time?  Today has never happened before and it will never happen again.  You have the power to shape it into a “wonderful day.”

This week, I invite you to approach each day with the awe of having “never seen this one before” and notice what happens.

Enjoy a happy and productive week!


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