If we want to change some aspect of our reality, we have to think, feel and act in new ways;  we have to “be” different in terms of our responses to experiences.  -Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Quite simply, our routine, known thoughts and feelings perpetuate the same state of being, which creates the same behaviors, and creates the same reality,” explains Dr. Joe Dispenza in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.  To change some aspect of oneself, “we have to create a new state of mind…we need to observe a new outcome with that new mind.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a doctor of chiropractic with additional training in neurology, neuroscience, brain function, chemistry and other fields.  He travels and lectures world-wide, educating people about the functions of the human brain.

This week, I invite you to consider an aspect of your reality you’d like to change.  Then interrupt your routine thoughts and feelings;  think, feel and act in new ways.

Enjoy a happy and productive week!

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