When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out – because that’s what’s inside.  When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.  -Wayne Dyer

When we feel pressured or “squeezed” by life circumstances, people often react with fear, anger frustration or other negative emotions.  Dr. Dyer’s point is that what comes out of us, is what’s been inside all along.  But we can choose to interrupt habitual patterns of reacting, and instead respond with understanding, compassion, love or other positive emotions regardless of circumstances.

Dr. Dyer was an internationally-known author and teacher of spirituality and personal growth.  He has touched millions of people all over the world with his inspiring words and insights.

This week, if you find yourself “squeezed,” I invite you to respond with understanding, compassion or love, and notice how your experience is transformed.

Enjoy a happy and productive week!

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