Most of us can be found flying too close to the ground.  Too often we don’t give ourselves permission to soar. -Price Pritchett PhD

Are you playing it safe or allowing yourself to soar?  I love what Price Pritchett, PhD, writes about this in you2, A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps.  “It’s time to start focusing on possibilities, rather than on limits or obstacles.  Making a quantum leap means moving outside your mental boundaries.  If you will rethink how you’re thinking, you can multiply your performance potential.  You must let your desires guide you, instead of allowing yourself to be boxed in by perceived constraints.”

This week, I encourage you to take inventory of the ways you might be playing it safe.  What steps can you take to give yourself permission to soar?

Have a happy and productive week!

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